Sunday, 8 August 2010

Yoga in Sydney at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

Living in London, Australia may be a bit too far to travel for a yoga class. But if you ever do find yourself flying in to Sydney and no doubt struggling with that dreadful jetlag, you have got to take a class at the yoga place next to Andrew Boy Charlton Pool. I promise, it will sort you right out!

The Yoga BC studio, just like the pool, is situated inside the Royal Botanic Gardens, overlooking beautiful Woolloomooloo Bay. So not only do you get to enjoy a green and luscious walk to class, you can also take the opportunity to do some bat-spotting (!) since many of the trees are inhabited by flying-foxes, otherwise known as fruit bats.

I was there in October 2008 and took a 100 min class with Waran Karl, who had a gentle, helpful and knowledgeable approach. Time flew as I slowly untangled my battered post-flight body. At the end of it I felt like I had truly landed. And for final relaxation, get this, he played a soothing piece on the recorder! Bliss!

Classes at Yoga BC conveniently work on a drop-in system, but I'd check with an up-to-date timetable online to avoid any disappointment.

If anybody makes it Down Under, let me know what you thought!

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