Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pop Up Yoga studio - a hidden gem on Upper Street, N1

On Wednesday, I was doing my usual pit-stop at Euphorium Bakery on Upper Street (after 8pm it's buy-one-get-one-free and their Muesli Bread is out of this world) when I noticed this sign literally next door:

I thought I'd try the place out the following night when I unexpectedly had a class cancellation, hence a night off - it's like the universe was sorting it all out for me!

The studio didn't look like much from the outside, but once I walked in and off the busy high street, I was met by the most welcoming and tranquil, candle-lit space, and by one of the teachers, Wendy:

She took me through a well-paced Hatha Yoga session (I mentioned I'd had a tough day in the office and was feeling stiff and tired) with just the right balance of work and relaxation. Wendy trained with TriYoga and is keen on precision and alignment and, as you know, so am I so it was just perfect.

Afterwards I felt utterly relaxed and ready for bed. I just could not believe that I was on my own in there - not enough people know about this fab little studio and I feel it's my obligation to spread the word.

Wendy and her business partner/fellow teacher Kerry have created a very elegant yet functional space, offering a generous timetable and you won't be packed into a massive room like sardines - this is a small place where the teacher has time to give your practice individual attention.

In case you're still looking for a reason to check it out, Pop Up Yoga are doing a special November deal of bring a friend for free - that makes it a measly £5 per class - so not only can you get a quality yoga session for an absolute bargain, you can buy artisan bread on the way out.

Enjoy this before it's gone - it ain't called pop-up for nothing - and tell your friends.

If you don't like it, I'll eat my mat!