Thursday, 29 July 2010

Yoga teacher lookalikes...

I just got home from a Sivananda class taught by a guy who looks like a clone of Simon Pegg!

So I was trying to get through pranayama - kapalabhati and anuloma viloma with kumbhaka (breath retention) - while this was playing in my head:

Jokes aside, it was a lovely class at LightYogaSpace on De Beauvoir Road, N1. The studio isn't huge but airy enough for everyone to have their own space.

The teacher was Peter and he is Danish so speaks with that lovely Scandinavian twang. He was just superb at adjustments and helped me (safely) go deeper into several asana.

Unfortunately the studio is closing for a few weeks in August, so if you are going to any class there, please check the website to be sure the session is on before you head out.

Now, I have to ask...has anybody ever gone to a class and the teacher looked like someone famous? Also, what is the silliest/grossest/oddest thing that has ever distracted you in yoga class? Cos let's be honest, we all get distracted sometimes!

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