Monday, 30 January 2012

San Francisco International airport gets a yoga room

San Francisco International has opened a yoga room for its passengers to enjoy free of charge. 

Director John Martin, a yoga practitioner of 18 years, got the idea from his customers and thanks to them there is now a chilled out space in which you can stretch and relax before a long flight.

Now they just need to get yoga studios on board airplanes. Or they could just give seats some more leg room...

The yoga studio is located at SFO's terminal 2, which serves American Airlines and Virgin.

Have you been to San Francisco International recently? Did you visit the studio? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below.


  1. Miss you honey! Will try and visit you at One Life studio soon, my body is suffering from lack of good yoga and I need to get back into shape. Maybe you should start a You Tube Yoga channel - Lol!!
    Stay blessed.
    Auds x

    1. Hey lovely lady! Hope you're well apart from lack of yoga. Yes, get yourself down to One Life. Or...pop over to Walthamstow Village for my new class (look out for the poster on this blog) Sat 3 March. Launch day session will be for free and for fun!
      You Tube Yoga Channel...funny you should say as I have thought about it. Just not doing it quite yet. Setting up a yoga website with a friend at the moment so have to get that up and running first. x