Saturday, 4 September 2010

Yoga to boost your mood

Fresh scientific proof (as if we need it!) that yoga helps fight depression and makes you happier. Here's the article from The Telegraph.

But note what the end of the article says about the lack of an aerobic element in yoga - even the vigorous varieties. So, add to your yoga practice some regular cardiovascular exercise to get your heart rate up - after all, that's a very important muscle to stretch!

For me, swimming and running work a treat as I find them both monotonous enough to help switch my mind off and bring me into a more meditative state.

Next time you are out power walking, cross-training, running or swimming, add a meditative element to the exercise by quietly in your head repeating the mantra So Ham, which can be translated as 'I am that, I am' - that referring to the Universe, or God, or whatever you choose to believe in.

Repeat 'So' on each inhalation and 'Ham' on each exhalation.

Let me know how you get on!

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